Business Continuity

Every day business world gets more and more complex, and adds new risks to existing ones. Unfortunately, huge financial and reputation losses are possible in a very short time. You can turn risk threatening to an advantage for coming up with a properly configured business continuity solution.

Business continuity of our customers determine the basis of the organization's policies, standards, procedures and create legal obligations. The next step of the entire system design, implementation, and maintenance support is configured accoring to this base. We offer our customers to ensure the continuity of critical business processes, business continuity solutions, and approach with an aim at understanding the changing business requirements, from planning and design through implementation and management, covering every stage.

In addition to ensuring the continuity of business resiliency and information systems, our business continuity solutions we are making projects for provide:,

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Determination of standards
  • Formation of methodology
  • Business impact analysis and testing process
  • High availability
  • Data protection
  • Integrated risk management

Business continuity is not a plan, product or technology. It is to be prepared for events that may affect your critical business and processes and in such a case, to manage process as previously planned.

Our approach to business continuity solutions is::

  • Not IT-oriented, but business-oriented 
  • Not product-oriented, but process-oriented
  • Not reactive, but proactive
  • Not generic, but has company-specific design
  • Not component-based, but integrated

"Just ensuring IT continuity does not guarantee your business continuity."