Network Integration

Is your network infrastructure able to keep up with your job? Reinforce your LAN, WAN, WLAN, load balancing technologies, structured cabling, network management, design, network infrastructure with our integration and support services, and get your competitive advantage.

Your network infrastructure provides institutional functioning, while the sharing of information produced by the re-use and conservation play an important role in the whole process. We know that:

  • If information is accessible, it creates value
  • If access is  uninterrupted the efficiency can be provided
  • If your infrastructure is flexible, it can keep up with your pace
  • If your network is manageable, it can deliver performance
  • If your infrastructure is reliable, your business continuity becomes possible

We make projects for domain expertise and project experience requiring network integration solutions of all sizes, while delivering as an independent  and turnkey brand, commission and provide maintenance support.

Wide Area Network Solutions (WAN)

Increased offices, serving in different locations, more centralization of applications with cloud technologies, increasing access to mobile devices with ever-increasing bandwidth requirements, makes it more intelligent wide area network solutions required.

Customers located between offices in different locations:

  • Data / voice / video communication
  • Application sharing
  • Multi-application support
  • New application integration

We offer a wide range of networking solutions for high efficiency and uninterrupted communication requirements.

Our customers' performance, taking into account the safety and cost of doing network design parameters, the new opportunities offered by communication technologies that we integrated in the existing infrastructure.

Cloud technologies, with mobility and social media trends, we gained a new perspective on your side with our certified specialists for wide-area networking solutions.

Local Area Network Solutions (LAN)

In the corporate structure, the use of different technologies increasingly more with each passing day increases the security and management requirements requires the design of better local network. Employee productivity and business continuity can only be achieved with real-time communications infrastructure.

Customers, application infrastructure and local network topology by analyzing system performance, network security, network design are done in accordance with local traffic management criteria. Our local network solutions, technology consulting, installation, configuration, integration and maintenance / repair services covers.

Wireless Area Network Solutions (WLAN)

You can quickly and easily expand the scope of your local area network and wireless network solutions, you can provide your organization growing and mobile employees instant access to your network.

Wireless area network technology, mobility, quick and easy installation, get rid of wiring costs, while providing easy scalability and greater productivity, security, requirements to be the right solution for access continuity and speed.

With our networking expertise in a wide range up to the campus network from a small network products and is projecting technologies, single or multi-centered multiple wireless network, reliable, redundant infrastructure, appropriate hardware, identity-based authentication, filtering, we integrate into your existing network security policies such as encryption.

Content Optimization Solutions (Load Balancing)

Where a large number of servers and the client in an environment with high data density, optimizing and making the connection load balancing, better performance of the service allows fast and uninterrupted continuation.

With our content optimization solutions:

  • You can use the bandwidth efficiently
  • You can upgrade the server utilization rate
  • You can minimize the requirement for new hardware
  • You can improve the performance of applications and users
  • You can eliminate server outages originated with automatic backup.

Structured Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions

Structured cabling technology used for a long time and is the most costly component of the change that after installation of infrastructure equipment. Incorrect application or design, structural cabling, constitute a significant portion of network problems.

Intelligent building systems and rooms with end to end network infrastructure solutions we design for the operation of buildings and infrastructure requirements to be maintained, seamlessly institutions are provided. With correct design, high quality practices, our customers can use for years with extensive testing that our services offer seamless structured cabling and infrastructure solutions.

Network Management and Reporting Solutions

All movements in the data communications network, security vulnerabilities, potential threats and attacks, updates, source / destination analyze actively monitoring and reporting is an integral part of the corporate system security. Network management and reporting also is an obligation imposed by law numbered  5651 "Regulation of publications on the internet and to fight against crimes committed by these publications”.

Our team of experienced network with all network infrastructure to be monitored from a single center to manage and most effective equipment / software solutions are projelendiriy, we provide the installing and technical support.