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The business world is getting more and more complex each day and it adds new risks to the existing ones. Unfortunately, suffering great financial and reputation losses in a short time is within the realms of possibility. With our correctly configured business continuity solutions, you can eliminate the risks that threaten your future and turn them into your advantage.

The basis of business continuity lies on the corporate policies, standards, procedures and legal obligations determined by our customers. The next step is to configure the design, implementation, support, and maintenance of the whole system on these bases. The solutions we offer to ensure the continuity of our customers’ critical business processes, inclined to understand the changing business needs, cover every stage from planning and design to implementation and management.

Beyond ensuring the business continuity, business flexibility and information systems we design,

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Setting the standards
  • Establishing the methodology
  • Business impact analysis and testing process
  • High usability
  • Data protection
  • Integrated risk management

Business continuity is not a plan, a product, or a technology. It is to be prepared for events that may affect your business and processes and to manage the processes as planned beforehand.

Our business continuity solution approach is:

  • Business oriented, no IT oriented
  • Process oriented, not product oriented
  • Proactive, not reactive
  • Corporate-specific design, not generic
  • Integrated, not component-based
“Just ensuring the IT continuity doesn’t mean ensuring your business continuity.”