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The security of Operational Technology (OT) networks in critical infrastructures is the application of protection critical manufacturing and operation systems and services in entity centric organizations. OT security is intended for industrial automation and controls as well as targeted technologies that physical status changes that adhere to a safe and secure function. Furthermore, it also refers to the usage of IT, IoT and physical security Technologies and the application of these while doing OT. OT Security is part of enhanced digital security for digital transformation.
OT security technologies provides controls for securing OT environments intended for protecting safety and reliability of manufacturing and operation environments. International standards such as IEC 62443, European NIS, formed NIST 800 Series guidance frameworks, provides guidance to product and service providers for special vertical requirements that are now being fulfilled by the OT security market.
Obstacles in OT security
  • Covering all verticals and fundamental large OT systems
  • Fulfilling old OT system’s requirements
  • Keeping up with regulatory requirements and changes in these requirements
  • Keeping up with cultural and organizational hardships at IT/OT integration
  • Providing scalability and support at global scale


The increasing connection between IT infrastructures and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) creates and ever-expanding attack surface with digital transformation.
The lack of appropriate protocols, prevalence of geographically distributed facilities and the lack of appropriate monitoring and detection tools, there is limited visibility to OT networks and assets. 78% of organizations still have limited OT visibility.
There is limited information about the vectors and existing security bugs that an attacker can use on OT/IIoT networks.
Critical infrastructure facilities are continuing to be a target for organized threat actors. However, Teknoser OT/IIoT attack detection solution provides to the
OT controlled automation systems and IT networks:
  • 100% asset inventory and advanced asset and configuration details, detailed data flow analysis on OT network
  • Near 100% visibility, perfect anomaly detection with advanced ML techniques and wide OT manufacturer support, quick triage, and shortened adjustment possibility for minimum interruption
  • Risk prevention with policies based on inventory and risk
  • Integration with existing security platforms (SIEM, FW, NAC etc.)
  • Proactive protection and automatic response
  • Efficient IT / OT SOC performance
  • Granular Segmentation


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