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The quality of the field services which complements the IT solutions is measured by the capacity of providing the same service quality at all locations. We provide field services at international standards throughout Turkey with our field team which consists of our own staff.



We run an experienced, quality certified, strong service organization that has field expertise to provide IT field services to whole country in the same quality.
In today’s world, business continuity is a critical success factor. Our customers have the assurance of benefiting from seamless field services at every location they operate.


Turkey’s Biggest IT Field Services Supplier.

  • We provide field services in information technology and payment systems with our 76 service points and 500+ staff.
  • We run all field operations process ranging from information technology solutions to POS operations field services, technical service to global manufacturer services at our Teknoser Operation Center [TOM] which has a 8,500 sq. m area including 5,000 sq. m warehouse.
  • All our field services team consists of our own staff.
  • We provide our field services at the same quality at all locations in accordance with ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management Certification standards.
  • We fulfill any kind of requested service level agreement (SLA) conditions.
  • We can fulfill service requirements for various technologies with our certified experts.
  • We provide comprehensive, quick, transparent, and quality focused service to hundreds of thousands of devices in Turkey and TRNC with our experience, control, audit, and management mechanisms based on many years.