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As Teknoser, we hold qualification certificates of leading providers of network and security technologies. We provide brand-independent installation, integration, maintenance, and support services with our system integrator identity within the scope of professional services towards network and security.

The services we provide within the scope of network and security solutions installation services includes components of pre-installation, storage, delivery, installation in the field, assembly operations, testing, commissioning, and reporting.

Teknolojinin vaat ettiği faydanın yapılan teknoloji yatırımı ile elde edilebilmesi için sunduğumuz profesyonel hizmetler ile müşterilerimizin stratejik iş ortağı olmaya devam ediyoruz. Profesyonel hizmetler kapsamında danışmanlık ve proje yönetimi hizmetleri sunuyoruz.
We continue to be the strategic business partner of our customers with professional services we provide in order to achieve the benefit promised by technology with the technology investment. We provide consultancy and project management services within the scope of professional services.
While our certified expert consultants develop optimum solutions for the business needs of our customers, our experienced project managers ensure that these solutions are implemented in the defined scope, planned time, and quality. Enterprise system solutions that we transform into a holistic service by integrating different specialties, enable our customers to achieve the real benefit of technology. After identifying optimum technology for our customers, the next step is the installation and dissemination process. Installation and dissemination services covers the software and hardware installation according to the specified standards using project methodologies, making them operational and testing according to the criteria specified in the project plan.
Our corporate system setup services include the following components:
  • Performing pre-installations
  • Storage
  • Ensuring delivery
  • Performing installations in the field
  • Assembly
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Reporting
We provide on-site and seamless service to our customers with our service units located throughout Turkey.