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The services of global brands are under our guarantee within the scope of IT manufacturer services! We provide all services including guarantee, maintenance, spare parts, on-site repair committed by the manufacturers throughout Turkey on every service level.

  • Service Management Services
  • Bench-Repair Services
  • On-Site Maintenance / Repair Services
  • Managed Print Services


We provide service maintenance services for manufacturers to maintain spreading sales and service functions and dealer network under one roof.
Our service management services that provides flexible and comprehensive solution to increasing workloads of the manufacturers:
  • Detailed reporting
  • Effective monitoring
  • Regular feedback
  • Quality standardization
  • Periodic billing
With the above functions, we provide efficient solutions for our customers.


We provide the following services to manufacturers with a legal obligation to provide minimum two years of guarantee services after sales to their customers:
  • Help desk services
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Spare parts supply
  • Delivery of products to the service center
  • Process monitoring and execution
  • Repairing of devices that are out of guarantee period with a fee
We provide the opportunity to the customers of manufacturers for whom they are obligated to serve, to deliver and receive defective devices without the need for shipping in our 65 customer acceptance and device collection centers throughout Turkey.


We provide required maintenance/repair services for the products manufacturers sold with on-site repair guarantee as well as on-site services at various service levels (SLA) as their partners in private and public projects.

We serve through Turkey at all service levels with our dynamic field services organization that can be designed for unique needs of our manufacturer customers.


Print services management aims to mainly provide cost effectiveness, security, management, compliance, and environmental sustainability.
We provide significant benefits such as printer inventory optimization for efficiency, minimizing printing unit costs, authorized and controlled print security, continuous monitoring and reporting and enhancement of printing processes with this service that allows printing services to be managed centrally through the network.
We develop the most optimal and efficient solutions with environmental sensitivity especially for distributed printing service needs of our customers by combining our strength on the field with MPS experience of the world’s leading printing systems manufacturers.