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Make your networking infrastructure, strengthened by our WAN, LAN, WLAN, structural cabling, network management, design, integration and support services, be your competitive advantage.

While your network infrastructure ensure the operational functionality, it plays a critical role in all processes from sharing, reusing and protecting the generated data. As we know:
  • If the information is accessible, it creates value
  • If the access is without interruption, efficiency can be achieved
  • If your infrastructure is flexible, it can keep up with your pace
  • If your network is manageable, it can provide performance
  • If your infrastructure is solid, your business continuity is ensured
We design, implement and provide maintenance support for network integration solutions of all scales that require field expertise and project experience on turn-key basis, regardless of the brand.
  • Wide Area Network Solutions (WAN)
  • Local Area Network Solutions (LAN)
  • Wireless Area Network Solutions (WLAN)
  • Content Optimization Solutions (Load Balancing)
  • Structural Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions
  • Network Management and Reporting Solutions

As offices serving in different locations are increasing, the more and more centralization of applications thanks to cloud technologies, the surge in access through mobile devices, and the ever-increasing need for bandwidth necessitate smarter wide area network solutions.

We offer wide area network solutions for high data and uninterrupted communication needs such as

  • Data / voice / video communications
  • Application sharing
  • Multiple application support
  • New application integration

for the offices of our customers in different locations.

We design networks by taking the performance, security and cost parameters of our customers into account, and integrate new opportunities provided by communication technologies into existing infrastructures.

We will support you with our certified experts for wide area network solutions which gain a new look with cloud technologies, mobility and social media trends.


In corporate structures, with the more and more use of different technologies in company with each other and security and management needs increasing day by day require better design of local networks. Employee productivity and business continuity can only be achieved with real-time communication infrastructure.

By analyzing the local network topologies and application infrastructure of our customers, we design local networks according to system performance, network security and traffic management criteria. Our local network solutions include installation, configuration, integration, maintenance / repair services and technology consulting.


With wireless network solutions, you will be able to rapidly and easily expand the coverage of your local network and provide instant access to your mobile employees and growing organization.

While wireless network technologies ensure mobility, getting rid of cabling costs, fast and easy installation, easy scalability and productivity, they also need the right solutions for security, continuity and speed matters.

We conceptualize a wide range of products and technologies from small networks to big campus networks, and integrate single or polycentric wireless networks into your existing networks with security policies such as reliable redundant infrastructure, identity-based authentication, filtering and encryption and appropriate hardware thanks to our network expertise.


Actively monitoring and reporting all communication movements, potential threats and attacks, updates, vulnerabilities and source / target analysis within the network is an integral part of a corporation’s system security. Network management and reporting is also an obligation imposed by the Turkish law no 5651 “Law On Regulation Of Publications On The Internet And Suppression Of Crimes Committed Through Such Publications”.

With our experienced network team, we conceptualize, realize, implement and provide the most effective hardware / software solutions to monitor and manage the entire network infrastructure from a single point.