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We provide seamless services at high service levels with our 76 service points and over 500 field staff for POS payment systems. Aware of business continuity, we are proud to serve 684,206 POS devices and 87,000 New Generation Cash Register devices.
As the largest POS Payment Systems field services company in Turkey, we respond to the quick service needs of POS systems. We provide qualified services to every corner of Turkey with our technically equipped field service team and fleet with over 250 vehicles with the aim of accepting and finalizing service demands of our customers.
Our field operations team carries out the entire workflow and reporting system through a web-based application developed with our own know-how. Our application, where all work orders and flows can be followed via internet, provides high service quality with real-time service tracking.
We offer our POS payment systems field services in accordance with the ISO 20000-1 Information Technology Service Management System quality requirements.


  • New Generation Cash Register Services
  • Betting Terminals Field Services
  • Project Based Services
  • Field Merchandising Services
  • Single POS Field Services
  • Shared POS Field Services


We provide value added services to New Generation Cash Register manufacturers and their taxpayers with our field services widespread throughout Turkey.
  • Cash register setup operations
  • Cash register financialization user trainings
  • Cash register bank addition and removal operations
  • Cash register and peripherals fault solutions, spare parts replacement
  • Cash register temporary closing and opening
  • Cash register transfer transactions
  • Cash register scrapping operations
  • Cash register materials distribution
  • Cash register accessory procurement and inventory tracking


To ensure seamless operation for betting terminals for various applications:
  • Terminal installation
  • Defective device/part replacement
  • User trainings
  • Installing new software versions
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Inventory tracking


We provide our field services covering Turkey, to the members designated by our customers or to end users on a project basis. We carry out more than 25,000 visits per month in accordance with the project plans.
Our project-based POS field services offer our customers a choice from a wide portfolio of projects:
  • Operational POS device maintenance projects
  • Retrieval from business or branch due to the customer inactivity
  • Pay-pass maintenance and activation projects
  • Betting terminals maintenance projects
  • IP and ADSL provision and fulfillment projects in cooperation with Turk Telekom and Superonline
  • Fingerprint reader installation and maintenance projects
  • Survey projects for corporate customers
  • System installation and maintenance projects for bill payment centers


Field Merchandising Services aims to realize end-user field merchandising activities that are assigned by our customers in all of Turkey, with innovative applications and quick reporting by regular monthly visits at merchant locations in the most efficient way.
What We Offer with Our Field Merchandising Services?
  • Distribution, visible placement, and application of P.O.P. materials related to product advertising, promotion and campaigns
  • Survey activities related to the campaigns or products
  • Delivering the information obtained during the field work to the customers as soon as possible with quick reporting
  • Sales support activities such as promotion / sample product distribution, product tasting
  • Selection and training of field personnel eligible for service quality standards


“Single POS” refers to the terminal where only one bank / customer application runs on a POS terminal. In all of Turkey we provide field services to over 700,000 “Single POS” devices independent of their brands.
With our single POS field services, we provide on-site service at all service levels to dial-up, GSM / GPRS, IP / ADSL POS terminals that are developed for various application areas.
In order to provide seamless utilization of POS terminals, we provide:
  • POS installation
  • POS and peripheral fault solutions
  • New software installations
  • User trainings
  • Materials distribution
  • Inventory tracking
  • Loading of terminal information changes


For “Shared POS” terminals that run apps from multiple banks on a single physical POS terminal, we provide:
  • POS installation
  • POS and peripheral fault solutions
  • User trainings
  • Tenant application activation and inactivation operations
  • Materials distribution
  • Inventory tracking

Our customers using shared POS terminals reduce their investment costs. For example, instead of using eight separate POS terminals, they could use eight different applications on a single POS terminal. With our shared POS services that support various numbers and combinations of applications, we offer the most suitable working environment without creating a “POS pollution” for merchants.

Shared POS operations have much more complex structure than standard POS services:

  • Diverse operating standards for each bank served
  • Diverse operating types for different applications in different combinations
  • Multi-bank service tracking and reporting in shared POS service management
  • Special educational requirements
  • Application infrastructure differences
The reasons above constitute a capacity to provide quick on-site service with application, infrastructure, and integration expertise on shared POS operations.
We are the first and largest service provider with over 150,000 POS terminals and over 300,000 POS applications in Shared POS Field Services, where service continuity, experience and quality requirements are very high.
In addition, we assume the role of an independent service provider by matching the shared POS requests from all banks included in the system with the member merchant information of other banks to be included in the partnership, or by checking whether the matching data exists in another project.