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Unified Communications

Today’s complex communications needs can be managed effectively with a fast, high quality, uninterrupted and integrated communications infrastructure. With our integrated communications solutions, you can provide your staff a unique communications experience.

The communications and collaboration infrastructures are support tools for organizations, and now they transform into strong mechanisms which guide organizations and their business processes. Intensive data flow, more remote workers and more complex communication needs should be managed more intelligently. In today’s competitive world, fast, high quality, seamless connectivity and device agnostic solutions make the foundation of communication and collaboration infrastructure. We make communications possible anytime and anywhere with a rich platform that includes video, web, voice, video conferencing and corporate mobility.


You’ll experience the convenience of phone systems, while benefiting from the new applications and services provided by IP phone technologies all thanks to our IP PBX solutions. In addition to the efficiency and cost reduction IP PBX provides, it also enables you to provide better service to your customers.

With our IP PBX solutions, we offer comprehensive communications solutions such as VoIP, video call, conference, voice recording, instant messaging and remote office communications to our customers. Our expert sound engineers design and install flexible, innovative, cost-oriented communications solutions that can easily be integrated and managed with new communication technologies for IP PBX, which is the backbone of integrated communications.


Mobility has been among the main priorities of corporations in the recent years. In tandem with the more flexible working trends, mobility solutions are on the rise. Corporate mobility offers users a new competitive advantage.

By integrating our corporate mobility solutions with IP PBX and integrated communications solutions, we ensure the communication services of the organization can also be ready to use outside the organization with mobile devices.

You can offer your staff a flexible working environment in which they can use the communications services you have, wherever they may be. The possibility of your mobile workforce to be continuously accessible, to have access to all the resources they need by removing the obstacles for effective cooperation, and to take fast and accurate actions will benefit your business performance above your expectations.

Add flexibility, vitality and functionality to your business with our corporate mobility solutions.


We offer flexible, scalable, integrated call center solutions which engulf all the needed components to our users who aim to increase their customer satisfaction rates by establishing more effective communication with their customers.

What would our call center and CTI solutions do for you?

You can receive calls from different sources like web, e-mail, video or voice and direct these calls to the most suitable employee as soon as possible in accordance with the pre-made definitions compliant to the “Automatic Call Distribution” system.

You can systematically record calls from different channels for following up and security purposes, and direct them to relevant business processes according to the type of the call.

By integrating CTI with your CRM system, you can access the previous records of your calling customer and provide them with the most appropriate service.

Your mobile staff can access customer and call records anywhere and provide uninterrupted customer support.

You can measure your customer support representatives’ performance according to the criteria you set and get comprehensive reports.