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Simplify your IT infrastructure! You can significantly reduce your, operating, investment and management costs with our virtualization technologies which makes application and data usage easier while extracting maximum efficiency and performance from existing server infrastructures.
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization


Unleash the true potential of your servers!

Today, most servers that are not in the virtual platforms are operating well below their real capacity. And new server investments continue despite all this. The result is more servers than needed, complex management and increased costs!

By consolidating many physical servers as virtual servers running on a single physical server, you can use your resources more efficiently.

What Would Virtualization Do For You?

  • You can consolidate your servers as per your business priorities
  • You can instantly share CPU, memory and I / O resources between systems
  • You can significantly reduce your investment and hosting costs
  • You can easily do hardware updates, application distributions and patches
  • You can prevent hardware-related service interruptions and easily ensure service continuity
  • You can reduce your server management, operating, maintenance and ownership costs

Your Servers Promise “More”!

We design and implement the correct virtualization solutions that enable our customers to use their server capacities with the highest efficiency and monitor all their servers from a single point via central management. We also offer our customers solutions to set up their own private clouds.

Use the true capacity of your servers.


With our proven scalable solutions, you can improve your performance and productivity.

You Have At Least 5 Reasons to Use Teknoser Desktop Virtualization Solutions:

  • You can reduce your desktop management, support and maintenance costs by 40%
  • You can easily meet your security and compliance requirements
  • You can increase your service continuity rates by enabling hardware and application accessibility.
  • You can increase your operating efficiency by shortening the time to do operating system migrations and application distributions.
  • By consolidating your infrastructure investments, you can significantly reduce your hardware and management costs.

Our Solutions Proposal

Our desktop virtualization solutions offer IT administrators easier management, faster application deployment and a more secure infrastructure. With the desktop virtualization we are offering as a manageable service, you can respond to ever-changing user needs much quicker.

We enable desktop computers to be virtualized, moved to the data center, and then presented to the end users over LAN or WAN. We also make sharing disk images between virtual desktops with Provisioning technology possible. With our desktop virtualization technology, you can easily manage thousands of desktop systems with a single image.


Avoid the hassle of application deployment, updates and security!

Application deployment and control is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasing number of users, applications and devices. Application virtualization technologies offer numerous opportunities to deal with these challenges. You can distribute your applications securely and up to date as a service without installing them on your users’ machines. With application virtualization technologies, you’ll be able to reduce the investment, support and employee costs, while providing speed and flexibility for issues such as productivity, performance and data security.

As Teknoser, we offer application virtualization technologies that allow applications to be distributed to desktop or mobile users from a single point. Our application virtualization solutions can also be an important component of your service continuity and disaster prevention strategies.